What is the 2014 Honda Civic Si Price?

In the last Community Honda blog, we took a look at the horsepower for the 2014 Honda Civic. This time around, we’ll take a look at the 2014 Honda Civic Si price. 2014-honda-civic-si-sedan-front2First off, it has increased since last year’s model, however, only by a very small amount. Like the standard Civic, the Si trims are available in both coupe and sedan body styles. No matter your preference, you’ll be able to take home these performance upgrades.

Breaking Down the Costs

As we said, the price increase this year is quite minimal, only $275 in fact. Considering all the improvements that were made for just the base 2014 Honda Civic, it’s quite impressive how Honda was able to keep costs so low.

The 2014 Honda Civic Si coupe carries an MSRP of $22,790.* Pricing for the 2014 Honda Civic Si sedan is a little higher for having the two extra doors, but not much. These have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $22,990.*

There are also a couple of additional features you can add to the vehicle if you’re burning a hole in your pocket. Summers tires are available for an extra $195—great timing now that the snows have cleared—and navigation can be added for $1495.

Who Should Buy a 2014 Honda Civic Si?

While the Si is still quite affordable, anyone looking for a low-priced commuter car should stick to the other Civic trims. The Si models are for people who want something sportier than the average car and those looking for a very fun driving experience. Compared to the regular Civic, the Si models look more like they should be on race tracks and feature plenty of performance upgrades.

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