What are the Warning Signs That Your Battery Needs to be Replaced?

Auto mechanic checking car battery voltageThe service center at Community Honda is here to help you with all your maintenance and repair needs. If you’re wondering about the condition of your battery, we can offer some helpful tips that can make sure you won’t be stranded due to a dead battery.

Battery Warning Signs

How can you tell if your battery is about to give out? Luckily there are some warning signs. Here are some tips that might help you prevent disaster:

  • Is your engine cranking slow? Does it take a while for it start up? Does it make that characteristic labored sound when you turn the key in the ignition? It’s probably because your battery is low on charge or having trouble holding charge. Might be time to have your battery replaced or at least have the charge checked.
  • Is the check engine light on? Are any other indicator lights on? If you see a warning light on, you should always check it out, but sometimes, any or all of your indicator lights that show could be related to a low or dead battery! Better get it checked out.
  • Low battery fluid level is a sign that you need to check or possibly replace your battery. It’s relatively easy to check your battery if you have a battery with a translucent section where you can see the fluid.
  • If your battery is three years of age or older, it’s probably time to get an upgrade or at least have your battery tested. Battery life cycles are generally three to five years, so pushing it beyond that range is dangerous.
  • Bad smells, especially a rotten egg smell, can indicate that your battery is leaking. This can require a battery replacement, or at least some service.

Let Community Honda Help!

Come visit Community Honda and let us check your battery’s condition and charge so you can drive with confidence! You can always stop by our dealership at 8340 W. 159th St. in Orland Park, IL or call us at 855-207-0308 to discuss you options. You can also schedule a service appointment online now and let our team of service experts take a good look at your battery to make sure it’s ready to roll!