The Honda Civic Natural Gas Puts Safety First

As technology continues to advance and fuel options continue to evolve, Honda Civic drivers can feel confident that not only will Honda continue to keep up with the changes in the industry, but that it will also take all of the necessary precautions to keep drivers safe behind the wheel of these new vehicles. The 2014 Honda Civic Natural Gas is one such vehicle, and comes chock full of well-tested safety features to keep you safe.

Dedicated to Safety2014-honda-metallic-civic-natural-gas-side1

There are many different crash situations that drivers can be involved in, but one of the most dangerous is Small Overlap Frontal Crash Test, and Honda has taken steps to ensure safety in this kind of accident. A small overlap frontal crash is a collision against a rigid barrier that only a small portion of the front of the car makes contact with. This type of crash can be particularly dangerous because there is the potential for a lot of intrusion into the cabin of the vehicle if the car’s body structure isn’t strong enough to withstand the impact. Another factor of these crashes is that the off-center collision point can cause momentum that is difficult for seat belts to contain, creating potentially dangerous in-cabin situations, even if the passengers were wearing their seatbelts properly.

In the latest round of crash test safety ratings conducted by the IIHS, both the two- and four-door versions of the Honda Civic Natural Gas have been given the highest safety rating of “good.” The Civic earned this rating for three main reasons:

  • The cabin structure of the vehicle didn’t collapse in on the occupants of the car.
  • The steering column remained stable during the impact, which allowed the driver’s side airbag to properly protect the driver’s chest and head.
  • The side airbag deployed at the right time to prevent the driver from falling out the side of the vehicle, which can happen in these types of crashes.

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