The 2014 Honda Odyssey gets a Vacuum

Honda Odyssey Built-In Vacuum CleanerGrowing up, my family’s minivan was a trooper. It took the brunt of spills, stains, tears, and even burns from those who thought it would be funny to pull out a lighter. A solid hour of vacuuming was a weekly chore that my mom delegated down the ranks to the children.


Road trips were a completely different matter, though. Away from base, we didn’t have the ability to vacuum the vehicle. While there were ways around this, there would inevitably be a longer line at the gas station to use the pay-vacuum than either the bathroom or gas pumps combined. Not wanting to waste time, we would push on, letting the flotsam of spilled cheerios, popcorn, and broken crayon bits pile up even higher.


I do distinctly remember my mom half-heartedly joking that she wished she had a vacuum on board during our trips. Jump forward twenty years and Honda is making it a reality. The HondaVAC system will be an available on 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite Trims, allowing families to vacuum up on the go. Located near the trunk, the HondaVAC system can be easily accessed behind a panel and then discretely stored when not in use. A variety of different attachments make it ideal for tackling most car messes.


Interestingly enough, the idea for the HondaVAC didn’t come from Honda’s research teams, but rather from the 10-year old son of one of its engineers. The anonymous boy candidly told his dad during a road trip that they really needed a vacuum cleaner in their minivan. Struck by the simple genius of this idea, the dad returned to Honda’s engineering offices in Raymond, Ohio, and shared the idea with colleagues. It took off, with research teams probing simple questions like “How will it be wired in to the van?” and “Where will it be located?” The result is something that is remarkably useful and practical.


While the HondaVAC is a very real thing, Honda incorporated the system into their 2013 April Fools Day treat. In an official-sounding press release and accompanying video, Honda introduced the HondaHAIR add-on for the HondaVAC system, a hair-cutting attachment.


Here’s what Honda had to say about this piece of “innovative” technology:


“The HondaHAIR offers affordability and convenience and transforms the cargo space into a virtual salon on wheels — eliminating the need to trek to the stylist or barber.”


You can check out the HondaHAIR video on YouTube. The realistic production values and general tone of the film make the joke all the funnier.


Watch for the 2014 Odyssey and HondaVAC system later this year at Community Honda!