OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

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Are you thinking of upgrading your vehicle with accessories? Maybe you’re planning to do some home repairs on your vehicle? Or maybe you’re just planning to take care of your regular oil change on your own? If any of these scenarios happen to be true, then you’re probably considering whether to purchase genuine OEM Honda parts and accessories or to go with aftermarket parts from other manufacturers. Let’s take a close look at the difference to see which one will be best for your needs.


You might be able to find aftermarket parts that are cheaper than OEM Honda parts, that’s true. But they likely won’t be covered by a warranty, and they might even void the warranty of your vehicle. Is that reduced peace of mind worth a few dollars?


You can easily find the right Honda OEM replacement part at the parts center at Community Honda. There’s no guarantee that another shop will have the right part for your vehicle in stock. Plus, when you choose the OEM part you know you’re getting one that will fit your vehicle.

High Quality

Honda offers a warranties on their parts and accessories, but not all aftermarket parts makers will. That indicates that Honda offers a superior, high-quality part.

Fit and Finish

When you choose an aftermarket part there’s no guarantee that the fit will be perfect or that the finish will match the rest of your vehicle. When you opt for an OEM Honda part you know that the parts will not only fit and function like they’re supposed to, but the finish and/or paint color will match the rest of your vehicle perfectly.

Vehicle Value

Using aftermarket parts decreases the value of your vehicle. That means you’ll get less if you decide to sell or trade it in. That’s something important to consider when you’re shopping for parts.

Warranty Protection

When you have Honda accessories installed at the service center at Community Honda at the time of your new vehicle purchase you get a 3-years/36,000-mile warranty on those parts. When you have labor performed here at Community Honda we stand behind our workmanship and Honda backs the parts. You don’t know what kind of guarantees you’ll find with other parts or other service shops.


Especially when it comes to collision repair, OEM parts will be the best choice, because aftermarket body panels may not have the proper crumple zones, and aftermarket parts may not be up to the same crash safety standards as OEM parts.

You can see that it’s almost always a better choice to go with the OEM parts here at the service center at Community Honda.

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