Hybrids, and EVs, and Fuel Cells, Oh My!

2013 Honda Insight

Sometimes, it’s tough to get it all straight when there are so many different kinds of technology coming out all the time. Lucky for you, at Community Honda of Orland Park, we’re experts because Honda has a horse in every race. What we mean is that Honda makes a wide range of low-emission, high-efficiency vehicles. In fact, they’re currently offering a fuel cell vehicle, a natural gas vehicle, an electric vehicle, and a variety of hybrids. Here’s how to keep it all straight:

  • Hybrids – The Honda Insight has been on sale for more than a decade, and now the 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In hybrid is redefining how we think of Hybrid vehicles. These cars use batteries and gas to power electric motors and engines respectively. Both technologies work together to power the vehicle as efficiently as possible.
  • Electric vehicles – An electric vehicle doesn’t have anything to do with gas — it works purely on electric energy stored in a battery. Electric vehicles produce no emissions, and deliver instant torque to the wheels with high-speed electric motors. The new Honda Fit EV uses a 92-kW motor powered by a 20-kWh lithium-ion battery.
  • Natural gas – Honda currently produces a Civic Natural Gas, which effectively uses compressed gas in an internal combustion engine. This is cleaner than gas, and it’s efficient, too.
  • Fuel cells – The Honda FCX Clarity is one of the only fuel cell vehicles on the road in the United States. Fuel cell vehicles use compressed hydrogen to create electric power. Amazingly, this process produces just one waste product: water. That’s right — fuel cell vehicles are effectively zero-emissions. Unfortunately, the infrastructure for hydrogen fueling stations isn’t widespread and the technology is still developing. That’s why the FCX Clarity is only currently available for lease in California and New York as part of a large-scale test program.

Get behind the wheel of one of the efficient and innovative Honda vehicles currently available at Community Honda of Orland Park. We’d love to show you how much you can save by switching to an alternative-fuel technology.