Honda App Avoids Traffic Jams, Saves Fuel

Cell Phone Windshield Car MountDoes that sound like a piece of science fiction to you, a smartphone app that can both help you avoid a traffic jam and save you on your fuel costs? Well, it did to me, too, but Honda just recently announced its development and testing on a highway in Jakarta at the recent Nvidia GPU technology conference. So, how does it work?

It’s not a miracle machine that controls your vehicle or anything silly like that – though your phone will be able to sync with your 2013 Honda thanks to the included Bluetooth and Honda’s innovative i-MID system – rather, it is able to monitor your vehicle’s acceleration, deceleration, and compare to GPS stats for the area to help accomplish both of these achievements.

The first, avoiding one of the biggest frustrations of city drivers, the dreaded traffic jam, is done by carefully watching how vehicles are accelerating and decelerating and accommodating that. Basically, it tries to train drivers not to get into the stop-and-go traffic mode that often causes the frustrations that come with traffic jams.

You might be wondering how they knew to do this, as it would require data on other cars. The stretch of highway that was being tested had a series of vehicles connecting to a universal cloud drive to relate info to each other, but don’t worry, the fuel-saving technology will work with or without the cloud connectivity.

The fact is that many drivers have heavier feet than they believe, and that means you’re accelerating faster and braking more quickly than is ideal. Honda’s app will tell you when you should be slowly accelerating or decelerating, saving you as much as 20% in fuel costs.

Installing these types of applications on a vehicle might have a bunch of red tape to go through, but since you’re looking at a smartphone app, one that is just advising you on better driving tips, you could see this money-saving innovation in the app store soon.

For now, though, try to keep your feet lighter on the pedals; it’ll save you in the long run.