2013 Honda Fit EV
2012 Vehicle Information
2013 Vehicle Information

The Honda Fit EV: the 100% Electric Version of the Popular Hatchback


At Community Honda in Orland Park, we’re excited about the all-electric version of the amazingly versatile Fit. While the Honda Fit EV isn’t available in Frankfort or anywhere else in Illinois quite yet, it hopefully will be soon. For now, we’ll just have to look forward to getting this efficient zero-emissions vehicle. If you’re interesting in getting into an all-electric car in the future, here are some of the highlights and history of the Fit EV to help you decide if one of these innovative cars is right for you.

The Fit EV Concept Vehicle and Demonstration Program

The Honda Fit EV first debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2010. The concept used the same motor as the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. The Fit EV concept also came with a special interactive key fob that allowed the driver to check the battery’s charge, start charging, and activate the interior climate controls remotely.

The Fit EV entered into a test production run in 2010. It was only available in Japan and later, in 2011, in China. The Fit EV demonstration program finally made it to the United States in January 2012, in collaboration with Stanford University and Google.

The Production Fit EV

The Fit EV became available for lease for the 2013 model year, and was limited to only 1,100 units for the first three years. Honda has delivered the Fit EV to customers in California, Oregon, and, in 2013, some states on the east coast.

The Fit EV runs on a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 92 kW coaxial electric motor. These batteries can be charged up to 80% capacity in only 15 minutes and can be recharged 4,000 times — that’s 2.5 times more than any other lithium-ion battery. The EPA estimates that the production Fit EV has a top range of 82 miles and is capable of achieving 118 MPGe combined.*

The Fit EV is equipped with a driving mode selector with three settings. Normal mode balances performance and efficiency; ECON mode maximizes efficiency and can improve driving range up by up to 17%; Sport mode is performance-oriented, offering quicker acceleration at the expense of overall efficiency.

Visit Community Honda

While we can’t provide the Fit EV right now at Community Honda, we’re happy to have the gasoline version of the versatile and efficient 2013 Honda Fit in stock. We can also provide the rest of the innovative 2013 Honda lineup. We’re only a short 20-minute drive north from Frankfort — you can find our dealership at 8340 West 159th Street in Orland Park. We hope to see you soon!

*132/105/118 city/highway/combined miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent (MPGe) rating; 82 mile combined (city/highway) driving range rating (adjusted). Ratings determined by EPA. Your MPGe and range will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, battery age/condition, and other factors. For additional information about EPA ratings, visit http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/label/learn-more-electric-label.shtml.