2013 Honda Accord
2012 Vehicle Information
2013 Vehicle Information

Community Honda Takes a Glance at the Iconic Honda Accord


2013 marks the 37th anniversary of the Honda Accord. Originally debuting in 1976 as an unknown little three-door hatchback, the Honda Accord has become nothing short of an icon in the automobile industry. Welcoming its first four-door sedan version in 1979 and selling over 185,000 by 1980, the Honda Accord legacy began.

Quickly becoming recognized for quality, reliability, and great gas mileage, the Accord went on to move into a second generation, becoming the first Japanese car to be built in America. That same year the Accord would see fuel injection and a restyled body, and as its reputation grew, so did its levels of trim and state-of-the-art features.

The Growth in Generations

In 1993, the 3-door hatchback, 2-door coupe, and the Accord Wagon made their debuts, and some, like the 3-door hatchback, even made their final appearance. Engine size improved, seeing a 2.2L and 130 hp and adding 4.7 inches to the Accord wheelbase.

The infamous Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) hit in 1994 as did the first V6 engine for the Accord. The next ten years (1998-2008) came to see the Accord as a leader in research and design. Models featured dual front airbags and ran on 160 horses. The 2.4L VTEC engine moved in and claimed the LX and EX sedans. The Accord welcomed its first hybrid in 2005, and by its 8th generation ending in 2012, the Accord had graduated to a full-size car.

The New Generation

2013 marks the ninth generation for the Honda Accord, and with it welcomes three stellar powertrain choices, an impressive 6 trim levels, and the latest in technological and safety innovations such as push button start, smart entry, navigation, rearview camera, Econ button, collision warning, and lane departure warning. One has to wonder if Honda had ever thought such a masterpiece would have come from their little three-door hatchback.

Test Drive a Honda Accord Today

Community Honda would like to invite you to experience the iconic Honda Accord. Grab your keys, and set your GPS for 8340 159th Street in Orland Park. If you head out now, you can be behind the wheel of an icon in less than 3 hours! Hop on I-65-N and we will see you when you get here!