Finance & Leasing


When you purchase a vehicle, most people elect to finance it over a number of years.
Community Honda can arrange the financing of your new or used vehicle purchase
through a network of Honda finance divisions, banks and finance companies.
We search for the lowest interest rates and best terms to fit your budget.
Your down payment can be made with the equity in your trade-invehicle or cash.
Community Honda can handle all the details that makes financing a
convenient and quick process.


A very popular way to get the new or used vehicle you want is to lease it.
Community Honda offers closed end leases which set the number of months,
value at the end of the lease and annual mileage allowances.With a closed end
lease you have the “Option To Purchase” the vehicle at the end of your monthly
payments for the value set at the beginning of the lease. Or, you can return the
vehicle in good condition within the mileage requirements without any further
obligations.Leases Generally Offer These Features

• Low Monthly Payments
• Guaranteed Future Value
• A New Car More Frequently
• More Car For The Same Monthly Payment
• Business Use Tax Deduction
• Ability To Purchase “Up Front” Extra Mileage

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