Family Car Organization Tips

If you’ve got kids, you know first hand that car organization is pretty difficulty. Likely your car is filled with toys, wrappers, and all sorts of other clutter. Don’t worry Honda Odyssey Built-In Vacuum Cleanerthough, even if your car is a disaster area right now, it’s not a lost cause. Our Orland Park Honda dealership is here to help with some basic tips for getting your car organized:

  • Start Over: The only way to do this is to get your hands dirty. Remove absolutely everything from the car. Grab some trash bins and some cleaning supplies and go to town. This is probably a good time to go to our service department and get your vehicle detailed too.
  • Buy Cleaning Supplies for the Car: All those spills and loose crumbs are going to take a toll on your car’s interior. If you’ve got cleaning supplies, then you can take care of any problems right away. The new 2014 Honda Odyssey is available with a built-in vacuum cleaner that would certainly help.
  • Put Important Items Away First: When you’re first getting organized, put away all the things you absolutely need in the car. I recommend putting essentials and important documents like your car manual in the glove box. Sticking to a consistent system is just as important as the documents themselves. Leave certain items in certain areas and don’t ever put them anywhere else.
  • Have Dedicated Storage for Each Child: Even if your car has excellent storage spots for each passenger, it’s very beneficial to have individual storage bags or boxes for each child. Have them store all of their car things in their bin and be sure to enforce the rule each time you exit the car. Another rule may be to tell each child not to leave anything in the car they brought into it.
  • Keep Extra Bags in the Car: Even adults can be part of the problem of getting the car cluttered. If you keep an extra tote in the trunk, it will be easier to carry in extra items back to the house without an excuse.