Driving, Smartphones, and Siri

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Trying to drive safely and without distractions, while extremely important, is sometimes interrupted by the temptation to check your phone. Especially if you use your phone as a GPS navigation system, it is imperative that you choose a smart place to put your smartphone so that you can stay legally and comfortably hands-free. At Community Honda in Orland Park, we have seen some popular and useful mounting systems for smartphones, so we thought we would give our customers some ideas!

  • Mounts for windshields — This mounting system secures your phone firmly in place on your vehicles windshield using a simple suction cup. This mounting spot makes a lot of sense since it displays your phone at eye level, making it easier to see the map or directions in your phone’s navigation system. Windshield mounts are not expensive and are easy to install and uninstall.
  • Mounts for HVAC vents — Vent mounts are often overlooked, but these kinds of mounting systems usually offer user-friendly installation and also the high position of a windshield location. They also provide an unobstructed view out the windshield, which all windshield mounts can’t do. Their usefulness depends on the arrangement of your vehicle’s HVAC vents, as conventional rectangle-shaped vents with stationary slits are the optimal type for this mounting technique.
  • Mounts for dashboards — In cars with steeply angled windshields, such as the Honda Civic, a windshield mount actually sets the phone further away and makes it more difficult to see. You can use a dash mount to leave your view clear and your phone closer. And, most windshield mounts can be transformed into dash mounts by adding an adhesive disc.

Have No Fear, Siri is Here

To elevate the hands-free aspect of driving into an eyes-free experience as well, Honda is integrating Siri as an artificial assistant into the 2013 Accord’s technology features. If you use the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, Siri will be able to read and respond to texts, respond to emails, modify your calendar, inform you of weather forecasts, update you on sports results or stock trends and quotes, locate points of interest, read your turn-by-turn directions, and make phone calls through Bluetooth—all through a button on the steering wheel of the car. You will not need to look at or touch your phone at all. Now that is a smart phone, a smart car…a smart idea!

Contact Community Honda for More Ideas and Information

Community Honda is committed to encouraging safe and distraction-free driving. For more information on staying hands-free or on the 2013 Accord’s upcoming features, give us a call or come in for a visit anytime!