Best Free Road Trip Apps

In spite of all our technology and advancement, a good old fashioned cross country road trip is all it takes to remind us of how much nothingness there really is out Family on a road trip, Group photo in front of car (1)there, for better or for worse. Anyone who has hit any stretch of I-80 through the Midwest knows how quickly panic arises when the gas light comes on and there is no sign of civilization in sight.

The smart phone has been been one of the best things to happen to not only urban, but rural exploring. Building a road trip “tool box” on your phone can help you to stay informed, stay safe, save money, and have fun.

Here are just a few of Community Honda of Orland Park‘s recommendations for some of the best free apps to have on your side for a road trip:

  • HotelsByMe. You thought that you and your spouse/sibling/buddy would have the energy to drive through the night, but come 2:00 a.m., both of you are exhausted. HotelsByMe is a lifesaver for those last minute reservations. The app shows realtime availability and pricing, as well as reviews from TripAdvisor. A definite must have.
  • OpenTable. HotelsByMe is to sleep as OpenTable is to food. OpenTable allows you to view restaurants and their menus in an area, whether it’s where you are at the moment or where you’re going to be in two hours.
  • Field Trip. Visiting a town is fun, but only if you know where to go and what’s cool. Field Trip fills you in on fun things to do, eat, and see in whatever area you’re in. This is also a fun one to have active while driving, especially if you’re looking to get as much out of the drive as you are your final destination.
  • Project Noah. Hiking was always an important part of any family road trip that we took. Even if you never venture far from the road, though, you’re sure to encounter wildlife and vegetation that is not common to your home. Project Noah is an app that lets you upload pictures of your findings and share them with others.
  • Sky Map. If you live in an urban area, chances are you don’t get to see as many stars as when traveling in more rural areas. Sky Map is an interactive star map that will identify and inform you about different things you’re looking at in the night sky. Just hold it up in the air and the map will follow your movements in real time.