Benefits of Trading with Carmax

Cars on Car LotFinding a great trade-in value is one of the most important parts of getting a great deal on a new car. You may have heard of Carmax and have wondered whether or not you should sell your car with Carmax. Read on to find out.

What is Carmax?

Carmax is a car trading firm that operates independently of any dealer and which works directly with car buyers and sellers to help them set up deals that works for both. They were founded in 1993 and have become a major, Fortune 500 corporation which has expanded to 100 locations and has sold more than four million cars, winning a “Best Place to Work” award for nine years straight.

Benefits of Carmax

When you sell your car from Carmax, they won’t haggle on the price. They will accept the price you want, as long as it’s within reason and close to Kelley Blue Book price. Dealers at Carmax firms also receive fixed commissions for each car they buy or sell, meaning they won’t push you into a direction you aren’t interested in pursuing. Carmax will also give your vehicle a 125-point inspection to help understand it inside and out.

Benefits of Trading to a Dealer

Don’t run to Carmax without knowing some of the benefits of selling to a dealer first. The biggest benefit of trading to a dealer is haggle based buying. This may seem like a contradiction but if you’re good at haggling or understand the basics of car price haggling, it can actually work to your benefit. Working with a specific car brand dealer can also give you the benefit of a buyer that fully understands your model and its value on first glance without having to do an inspection. Lastly, smaller, family-oriented dealers may know you by sight and want you to get the best deal possible because of your personal relationship.

Final Verdict?

The truth is, both Carmax and car dealers are designed to work for specific sellers. If you’re looking for a no-problem, easy-to-understand, and highly efficient way to sell your vehicle, Carmax may be your best option. But if you want the option to haggle, are interested in a specific dealer, or simply want to support local business, a dealer may be the choice for you.