Breaking Down the Benefits of Synthetic and Conventional Motor Oil

Oil ChangeWhen the time comes once again to get your vehicle’s oil changed, the question of whether to use synthetic or conventional motor oil is inevitable. There are several advantages and disadvantages to either choice based on a variety of factors like price and environmental impact. Here we will break down the positives and negatives of each option so it is easier for you to make that decision.

Synthetic Motor Oil vs. Conventional Motor Oil

In terms of form and function, synthetic comes out on top. It generally lasts longer and can stand up to high temperatures. However, it is going to cost close to twice the price of conventional oil.

When it comes to which option is more environmentally friendly, it becomes a little unclear which one is your best bet. Although conventional oil is derived from petroleum, synthetics are still made from chemicals that are also not great for the environment. Advancements in technology have allowed synthetic oils to be made cleaner, though. There is still an advantage to using synthetic because it can last up to three times longer, allowing you to dump less of it per year.

Synthetics also have been proven to generate less resistance, which make them more efficient. Because a vehicle that uses synthetic oil offers more horsepower, the car will be able to use slightly less fuel to do the same amount of work.

Additional Options

There is another alternative called the synthetic blend. With a synthetic blend, you get a small amount of the benefits of a synthetic but with a lower price like conventional motor oil. Synthetic oil still lasts longer than the synthetic blend, though, so the lower price may not necessarily be worth it.

More sustainable options are also in the works, such as oil derived from vegetable oil, but that also creates it own set of problems like wasting crops needed for food.

If you are having a difficult time decided which type of oil to use, contact Community Honda or check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to see what they suggest. While each type, including those that are still being developed, has benefits, you have to also weigh the consequences as well.