The Benefits of a Remote Start System on Your Honda

For drivers in the Orland Park area, installing a remote start system on your Honda vehicle can have many practical benefits. Few accessories increase a vehicle’s value like a remote start system, particularly in areas where Keyless Car Remotewinter can be relatively harsh. Drivers can have remote start systems installed at their local Orland Park Honda dealership for a very reasonable price. And genuine Honda remote start systems provide many advantages that aftermarket systems do not.

How Honda Remote Start Systems Work

A remote engine start system consists of two parts: an electronic receiver and attachment that connect to your vehicle’s engine, and a remote that fits onto your keychain. With the press of a button, you can start your Honda from up to 200 feet away.

Before the remote system starts your Honda’s engine, the system checks to make sure that your vehicle’s immobilizer and security systems are functioning. In order to protect against carbon monoxide build-up in your garage, the remote start system will shut off your engine if it idles for too long.

The Advantages of Having a Remote Start System

  • Never get into a car that is excessively hot or cold: just leave your heat or AC system in the “on” position when you turn off the car, it will automatically engage when you start the vehicle remotely.
  • It’s easier to remove snow and ice from your car since the vehicle will already be warmed up.
  • Extend the life of your engine by allowing it to warm up.
  • Increase the value of your vehicle when looking to trade in or resell, with both the engine condition and the added bonus of this fantastic feature.

To find out more about installing a remote start system on your vehicle, be sure to contact Community Honda of Orland Park online, or at (888) 290-6073.