A Few Great Road Trip Apps for Kids

Driving With KidsIf you’re heading out on a long summer road trip this summer and you’re wondering how to keep your kids entertained, happy, quiet, and maybe even teach them a thing or two, you might want to try an app for your smartphone. It seems like an unlikely choice, but there are some excellent apps out there that will serve your purposes. Here are just a few of our favorite apps that will keep both you and your kids happy on long summer road trips:

  • Storylines – This app is a great take on an old game. The first player writes a saying or any sentence and passes it on to the next player. That player illustrates the sentence. The next player needs to write a caption for the picture the second player drew. This goes on for a few rounds, and at the end of the game you get an original story that no one expected! This is fun for kids (and parents) of all ages.
  • Stack the States – While you’re driving across the country, you and your kids may as well brush up on your geography! With Stack the States, kids can learn to identify states and state locations, as well as information like state capitals, mottos, flags, and much more.
  • License Plate Travel Game – This is a modern take on another classic travel game. It also makes it even more fun by making it into a competition, complete with scores. You and your kids can compete to spot all the different license plates on the road; spotting a license plate from a new state earns you two points, while catching an already-spotted license plate gives you one.
  • Road Trip Bingo – Good for young kids, this game brings another classic travel activity to tablet computers and smartphones. Bingo squares are labeled with things that you might see on the road, such as signs, cars, and common objects. First to bingo wins — you might have to come up with the prizes yourself, though!
  • Cool Mad Libs – Mad Libs are fun wherever you go, and this is a neat interactive packaging of that classic word game. It’s a great an interactive family activity that lets everyone contribute to making a fun and unexpected story.

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