Tire Safety Tips from the Experts at Community Honda

Putting Tire on CarHere at Community Honda of Orland Park we have some important information that every driver should know, so read on for a few tips from the experts at our Tire Center on safety. Remember that your tires might seem simple, but they’re one of the most important parts of your car – they are, after all, the only part of your car that touches the ground!

Tire Safety Tips

Make sure you follow these tire safety tips to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance:

  • Check your tire pressure regularly. That means you need to check your pressure with an accurate gauge at least once a month. You should probably check your tire’s pressure more often if the temperature or weather has changed dramatically or you’ve noticed any change in performance or ride.
  • Inspect tires regularly for damage, cracks, foreign objects, or trauma. Remove any bit of glass or other debris stuck in the treads to prevent possible future problems.
  • Check for uneven wear. If your tires have wear on one edge, then you probably need to change your tire rotation schedule. If you have erratic wear on other parts of the tire, then you might be having alignment or suspension issues.
  • Make sure that your tire’s valves have valve caps. Your tires won’t lose air without the caps, but the caps do protect the valve from damage.
  • Check your tire tread. A bald tire is unsafe, and checking your tread is easy: just use a penny. Put the penny, head down, in the tread, and if the tread does not come up over the top of Lincoln’s head, then you need to replace your tires.

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