Tips for Driving in the Snow

This winter has already been a nightmare with lots of snow and some of the coldest temperatures in decades. None of that has made driving any easier. Our Winter Weather ConditionsOrland Park Honda dealership wants all of our customers to be safe this time of year. This is why we’ve prepared a few tips for driving in the snow.

Stay Safe This Winter on the Roads

  1. Stay at Home: Our top tip is knowing when to avoid winter driving. When the weather gets really horrible and the roads are covered in ice, think hard if you really need to go outside and drive.
  2. Have the Right Tire Traction: Tires need at least 6/32-inch deep treads to properly tackle the snow. Check your tire tread and consider getting winter tires. They can help you get a better grip on the snow while saving your normal tires some stress and wear.
  3. Visibility: Winter driving often means reduced visibility, which means you need to make sure your wipers are working properly and you’ve got a full reservoir of wiper fluid with anti-icing agents.
  4. Black Ice: This is probably the worst part about driving in winter and a reason to stay vigilant. If you think you see the near-transparent ice, drive safely, and brake smoothly and slowly.
  5. Don’t Over Steer: A common mistake of winter driving is steering too much when the wheels slip a little. Once the car corrects itself, it’s going to go the direction you pointed it in and that could be in the direction of another car.
  6. Technology Doesn’t Solve Everything: Just because you have all-wheel drive and a number of other safety tech doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable on the road. Always be vigilant no matter what.
  7. Memorize Problem Areas: Pay attention to problem areas around where you live so you can avoid them or be careful. This includes areas like bridges, underpasses, or places that often have wet streets like car washes.
  8. Check Your Lights: We talked about limited visibility earlier. Other drivers have the same problem and your lights help identify you. Make sure the light shines bright through the covers and all appear to be working.