The 2017 Honda Accord Earns Exceptional Reviews

2017 Honda Accord The 2017 Honda Accord is an midsize sedan that could be perfect for your family. Here at Community Honda of Orland Park, we’re happy to let you test-drive the Honda Accord, so visit us today if you’re interested in finding out what the buzz is all about! You can also read the latest reviews below.

Honda Accord Reviews

Here are just a couple of highlights from the recent Accord reviews:

  • Edmunds: “The current Accord is arguably Honda at its finest. It scores highly in just about every category, and unlike many rivals, it’s a genuine pleasure to drive. If you’re looking for a family sedan that does it all, the 2017 Accord’s across-the-board excellence simply cannot be ignored.”
  • Kelley Blue Book: “The Honda Accord remains a benchmark not just for the midsize sedan category, but for the entire automotive industry. Backed by a decades-deep reputation for dependability, reliability and value, the Accord is also defined and distinguished by its uniquely nuanced refinement. From the feel of the door handle to the response of the gas pedal, the Accord just feels good. And those subconsciously satisfying details are key reasons the Accord remains a favorite family sedan of the car enthusiast and journalist crowds.”
  • Car and Driver: “Comfortable, spacious, fuel-efficient, and surprisingly enjoyable to drive, the Honda Accord remains one of our favorite mid-size options. Good outward visibility means the Accord is easy to navigate through crowded parking lots, while the sedan has a massive rear seat with enough space to comfortably coddle the average NBA player. Honda also democratizes important safety features, offering adaptive cruise control, collision-mitigation braking, and lane-keeping assist across the Accord range.”

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