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The 2016 Honda Accord Receives Glowing Reviews

2016 Honda Accord Sedan

The 2016 Honda Accord is a standout in the midsize sedan segment. It’s one of the most efficient vehicles in this class, and it still manages to provide all kinds of comfort and convenience features, and some of the best driving dynamics as well. If you’re looking for a solid well-rounded midsize vehicle here in the Frankfort and Orland Park, IL area, the critics agree – you need to drive the Accord.

2016 Honda Accord Reviews

These are just a few of the highlights from the latest reviews of the current 2016 Honda Accord:

  • The Car Connection: “The 2016 Honda Accord rewards buyers for making a sensible choice with its fun-to-drive nature,” Christian Gulliksen writes at The Car Connection. “The Accord thrives to this day, largely because it appeals to both sides of the brain, with plenty of practicality and a fun-to-drive nature, either as a two-door Coupe or as a four-door sedan.”
  • Autotrader: “The one thing that leads us to recommend the Accord over some of its competitors is the car’s variety,” writes Jason Fogelson for Autotrader. “The availability of a coupe or sedan, automatic or manual transmission, 4- or 6-cylinder engines and all the resulting combinations means there’s an Accord for almost every type of driver.”
  • Edmunds: The Accord earns an A rating from Edmunds. “The 2016 Honda Accord, with its refresh this year, continues to be a top-rated choice in the family sedan class,” Edmunds writes. “Considering how the 2016 Honda Accord does nearly everything right, it should deservedly earn a top spot on your consideration list.”
  • CNET Road/Show: “Honda has totally revised the 2016 Accord’s dashboard tech. The new system is better organized, more responsive and now features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay,” Antuan Goodwin writes at CNET. “The standard four-cylinder engine with CVT is satisfyingly responsive and efficient.”
  • Automobile Magazine: Automobile Magazine writer Michael Jordan praised the Accord: “But for all these alternatives, we still think the Accord is best in the guise of an all-purpose American-style sedan, a car that is modest and yet deeply capable. Choose the thrifty engine, smooth-riding tires, and standard interior trim, and you can’t go wrong. It’s a right-size car that’s always easy and natural to drive . . .”
  • Kelley Blue Book: “Along comes the 2016 Honda Accord with a mid-cycle refresh that gives it bolder looks, better ride and some of those lacking features,” writes Matt DeLorenzo. “Also, in keeping up with the industry’s headlong rush into better connectivity and infotainment, the availability of Apple Carplay and Android Auto.”

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The 2016 Honda Pilot Earns Praise From Critics

2016 Honda Pilot

The 2016 Honda Pilot was completely redesigned for this model year, and it’s garnering praise from essentially every automotive reviewer. If you’re shopping for a three-row crossover utility vehicle here in the Frankfort and Orland Park, IL area, then consider what the experts are saying about the current Honda Pilot below!

Motor Trend

“The powertrain is responsive and hums with a soothing resonance at wide-open throttle. Honda makes some nice engines and this one is a peach,” Edward Loh wrote in the second test-drive review of the current Honda Pilot. “My time in the 2016 Pilot largely confirms Evans’ findings. By fixing what was broken with the last-generation Pilot and adding clever touches such as that spacious third-row seat package (the new industry benchmark) and nine-speed transmission, Honda has created the latest, most serious player in the three-row SUV segment.”


“The Honda Pilot is now one of the best large crossovers,” writes Edmunds in its expert review. “Honda focused much of its attention to the Pilot’s interior, which is more modern, more refined and easier to see out of . . . The ride and handling are also improved thanks to a stiffer structure made with more high-strength steel and a weight reduction of about 250 pounds. The smooth ride is worthy of a luxury car, and although handling still isn’t sporty, it’s controlled and the sophisticated all-wheel-drive system provides impressive traction around corners (not to mention snow, mud or sand).”

Kelley Blue Book

“The 2016 Honda Pilot crossover SUV marks the third generation of this popular 3-row family hauler, and it evolves not just to stay with the times, but to remain a step ahead of its ever-tougher competition,” writes Keith Buglewicz for Kelly Blue Book. “The sleek new shape is slightly smaller, and while it sacrifices a smidge of interior space, it’s still comfortable for eight passengers. The trade-off is a downright luxurious all-new dash and interior design, and a feature-packed Elite model that drives the premium feel home. The new Pilot also offers electronic driving aids like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, crash mitigation, and so on. Throw in excellent driving dynamics, and the new Honda Pilot is sure to give its Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer competition night sweats.”

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10 Handy Items to Keep in Your Car

First Aid KitThere are plenty of situations that you might experience while driving that could be a disaster – unless you’re properly prepared. Having the right gear with you might mean the difference between having to call for help or making quick work of a minor problem. Here at Community Honda of Orland Park, we’ve rounded up a bunch of handy items to keep in your car to help you get out of any sticky situations.

Keep These Items in Your Car

  • Cell Phone Charger: You definitely want to be able to charge your phone when you’re driving. You probably rely on your phone for things like directions, but it’s also your contact with the outside world if you’re in an emergency far from home.
  • First Aid Kit: Whatever adventures lie ahead, you should always keep a first aid kit in your car. A first aid kit can turn a situation that might be serious – a cut, burn, scrape, or something else – into an easy and quick fix.
  • Non-Perishable Food and Water: You don’t have to be driving across the desert or driving through a blizzard to find a use for emergency food or water – but if you break down in either of those situations you’ll be glad you packed some! These items can save you when you’re in traffic or late for dinner, or anywhere else as well.
  • Warm Clothes: Like food and water, warm clothes can be life saving – or they can just help you stay comfortable. Pack a few sweaters or blankets, or even a sleeping bag, to make everything better and easier.
  • Jumper Cables: Batteries will die. It’s that simple. Carry jumper cables with you and it will be that much easier to find a helpful stranger to give you a jump when your battery fails.

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