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2013 Honda Accord Sedan Tops KBB List for Best Sedans Under $25,000

The 2013 Honda Accord Sedan was fully redesigned to mark the start of a new generation. Lately it has been getting all sorts of acclaim like being featured at the top of Kelly 2013 Honda Accord Sedan 6Blue Book’s “Best Sedans for Under $25,000” list. While car sales have been picking up and the economy is starting to get back on track, price remains the most important factor to many of our customers. For its price, KBB praised the 2013 Honda Accord for its sporty and refined look and new features.

Honda Accord Sedan Trims Under $25,000

The Honda Accord Sedan has several trims that go up in quality; the top a rival for luxury vehicles. There are three different trims that have a starting base price that’s under $25,000. Here’s a bit more information about each of them.

  • 2013 Honda Accord LX Sedan: With the manual transmission, these models start at $21,680*. While this car may feature an affordable price, it’s not devoid of features. Beyond full power accessories, Honda has added modern accouterments such as Bluetooth connectivity, an eight-inch dashboard screen, and a rearview camera. There’s an iPod interface and you can also access Pandora internet radio when your smartphone is connected to the car. The standard engine is a 2.4L four-cylinder capable of 185 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque.
  • 2013 Honda Accord Sport Sedan: With the CTV transmission, these models start at $23,390.* Drivers who choose the Sport trim get a bit more horsepower—189 hp and 182 lb-ft of torque—along with a few performance upgrades like a rear poiler, paddle shifters to operate the CVT, and larger 18-inch wheels. Other features include a power driver’s seat and leather-wrapped steering wheel.
  • 2013 Honda Accord EX Sedan: With the CVT, these models start with an MSRP of $24,605.* Compared to the Sport, this trim gives drivers more luxury. Added features include a sunroof, heated mirrors, keyless ignition and entry, an improved six-speaker sound system, and LaneWatch. LaneWatch is an innovative safety feature allowing you to easily check your blindspots before changing lanes.

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*MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, $790.00 destination charge and options. Dealer prices may vary.

When Should I Bring My Car in for Service?

Mechanic repairing a car

Despite the fact that cars are the most popular mode of transportation, the art of keeping a vehicle in great shape for thousands upon thousands of miles is something of a mystery for many people. Most drivers think that a car needs to be brought in for an oil change every 3,000 miles, but even this eternal truth of car maintenance isn’t as accurate as you might think. Many newer cars, particularly hybrid vehicles, need oil changes much less often. Thankfully, there’s an easy place to find out exactly what kind of maintenance your car needs, and when it needs it: your owner’s manual.

The Importance or Regular Auto Maintenance

The owner’s manual that came with your vehicle should include a maintenance schedule, an easy-to-read guide informing you when your car needs to be taken to a local service center for regular maintenance. Whether you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long time or plan to trade it in after a few years, you’ll save yourself lots of time, money, and stress by sticking to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Getting your oil changed may be the most essential of maintenance tasks, but that doesn’t mean that sticking to the full maintenance schedule isn’t important. When your vehicle isn’t properly maintained, it can’t run as efficiently, and the various components of your vehicle will begin to suffer excessive wear. This can lead to major problems with your vehicle, which may end up costing you more money in the long run. And if you plan on reselling your vehicle or trading it in, a strong maintenance record will fetch a higher price – so think of the cost of maintenance as an investment in the resale value of your car, truck, or SUV.

It’s also important to pay attention to any changes in the way your vehicle is running. Even with regular maintenance, cars can develop problems, so if your vehicle starts making strange noises, vibrations, or odors, it’s a good idea to take it in to a service center as soon as possible. Here at Community Honda of Orland Park, our friendly service team can help you keep your car in good working order for years to come.

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The Best Reliable Used Cars

When it comes to buying a used car, there’s one thing above all else that buyers want, and that’s to make sure that what they’re getting is reliable and safe. Owners of pre-owned models want to know what to expect when

Community Honda

driving their car, and not be surprised by any hidden troubles. The last thing owners of used vehicles want to have to do is constantly be taking their car, truck, or SUV into the shop because of maintenance issues. At Community Honda, we’ve got a great selection of reliable used models.

Community Honda Offers the Best Pre-Owned Vehicles

Honda Civic – The Civic is one of the most reliable vehicles available. As long as they’re in decent shape, this Honda model can last for quite a long time.

Honda CR-V – This Honda compact crossover SUV comes powered by a 2.4L four-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive models offer strong traction for when the roads become wet or snowy.

Lexus ES 350 – The ES 350 offers numerous safety features, including eight airbags, a pre-collision warning system, navigation system with rearview camera, and adaptive headlights.

Toyota Highlande r- This midsize crossover SUV is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine that delivers 270 hp. Some Highlander models come equipped with all-wheel drive and a reaview camera for safety. The Toyota Highlander is large and offers plenty of space.

Toyota Prius – The Prius is one of the most economical vehicles on the market. Owners get a staggering fuel economy rating of 46 mpg combined city/highway. Drivers and passengers will also be comfortable while riding in the Toyota Prius.

Acura TL – The 2008 and 2009 models received top ratings from Consumer Reports and JD Power and Associates owner surveys. Its attractive styling, combined with stability control and other features make the Acura TL one of the most reliable vehicles available.

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