2013 Honda FCX Clarity

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Drivers who are interested in next-generation alternative-fuel technologies will want to check out the 2013 Honda FCX Clarity. While we’re excited about this vehicle at Community Honda in Orland Park, drivers in Frankfort and the surrounding communities aren’t able to get behind the wheel just yet — the FCX Clarity is, unfortunately, only available in limited markets at present. That said, this hydrogen-powered vehicle offers a look into the future, so let’s consider what it has to offer.

How Does It Work?

First thing’s first: the 2013 Honda FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor, which itself is powered by electricity from a hydrogen-powered fuel cell stack. That means that, not only does this vehicle emit only water vapor into the air — no CO2 emissions from this car — but its compact coaxial motor is able to operated at higher rpm than traditionally fueled vehicles, allowing for enhanced efficiency. The new FCX Clarity also features a lithium-ion battery pack as a supplemental power source; it captures energy from braking and deceleration that would otherwise be lost.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the FCX Clarity skimps on features — it’s designed to be tremendously comfortable. Heated and cooled seats are included, for instance, as is a rearview camera and a Honda satellite-linked navigation system, which can help you find a hydrogen station for refueling purposes.

What’s more, the commitment to sustainability goes beyond the powertrain: a significant percentage of the vehicle’s seating material is derived from plants. It’s called Honda Bio-Fabric, and, when compared to conventional polyester used in many vehicles, provides a CO2 reduction of 30%.

Come to Community Honda

If you’re looking for more information on the 2013 Honda FCX Clarity, then come to Community Honda. While it’s unfortunately not available at our dealership at this time, we’ll be happy to tell you everything we know. While you’re here, you can take a look at the full lineup of new Honda models, in addition to pre-owned vehicles from a variety of automakers.

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